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‘Opposition’ is a procedure that starts before UIBM when a party requests the Office to reject an Italian trade mark application invoking a previous trademark right (Italian, Community, International designating Italy). When an opposition is filed, the proceedings will include an exchange of observations from both the opponent and the applicant (the ‘parties’). After considering these observations, and if an agreement has not been reached between the parties, the Opposition Division of UIBM will decide either to reject the contested application totally or in part. If the opposition is not well founded it will be rejected. If the Italian Trademark Application is not totally rejected, and provided there aren’t other oppositions pending, it will proceed to registration.


If you receive an opposition action or if you need to face an opposition filed against the registration of your trademark, please send  all relevant information about the trademark violation at info@trademarkitaly.it. Our Lawyers will properly analyze your case and they will send you a free estimate to assist you during the opposition procedure.




MERICO LEGAL offers the full range of trademark-related legal services ranging from trademark clearance and prosecution through to enforcement, including trademark litigation both on a national and multi-national level.


MERICO LEGAL offers a range of effective anti-counterfeiting measures, alerting customs authorities, monitoring imports and exports, preventing and seizing grey market imports. We also advise and support our clients in commercial transactions involving trademarks, in acquisitions as well as licensing, merchandising, franchising, joint venture and co-existence agreements. Our trademark lawyers have extensive experience with the Italian IP specialized Courts facing daily infringement action for Italian and foreign clients.


If you wish to enforce your trademark rights in Italy,  please contact us at info@mericolegal.it. Our Lawyers will properly analyze your case and will send you a free estimate in order to assist you.




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