Cease and desist letters

If someone is infringing your trademark, you can send a cease & desist letter to stop the violation.


MERICO LEGAL will assist you  carefully manage the case, drafting and sending the cease and desist letter to the infringer and monitoring the market.


If the cease and desist letter is juridical founded and well drafted the infringer will undertake to cease the violation in order to do not incur in Court relief.


If the infringer does not stop the infringing use upon receipt of your cease & desist letter, you can file a lawsuit against them for trademark infringement.  In a lawsuit for trademark infringement, the Court may grant injunctive relief which stops the other party from using the mark identical/similar to your registered trademark. You may also obtain economic damages, the consumption of the goods that bear the trademark,  and consumption of the facilities that allow the infringer  to reproduce the trademark.


If you wish to send a cease & desist letter, please send  all relevant information about the trademark violation at info@mericolegal.it. Our Lawyers will properly analyze your case and they will send you a free estimate in order to assist you.

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