TM Search

If you use or file an identical or similar trade mark for identical or similar goods and services to a registered trade mark you may be infringing the registered mark. This is why a trademark search is strongly recommended prior to use as well as to apply for registration of your trademark in Italy and European Union. Once searches will be performed, you have the information you need to take informed decisions and minimize risk to your brand.


The PROFESSIONAL SEARCH REPORT is a legal service aimed to crucially limit the risk that your application will be challenged by third party oppositions and to prevent you being sued in Court for trademark infringement.   Our Report is prepared …

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The trademark search is a search of trademarks already filed and/or registered in a trademark database.   It is strongly suggested to conduct a trademark ¬†before filing your application to determine if there is a registered or pending trademark that …

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  You can search on-line for free Italian trademarks already filed and registered.   You can both provide a trademark search via the Italian Trademark Office website or using our APP marklock.     ¬†         Italian …

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